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Magical Assemblies in Washington and Oregon

Starring the award-winning Xakary the Magician, the only magician from the NW to ever be voted through by the judges on America’s Got Talent!

Greetings, Principals, School Librarians,

PTA/PTO Members, and Friends of Schools!

Hi!  Looking for the ultimate elementary school assembly?  How about a show that contains solid educational material brought to life with spell-binding tricks, laugh-out-loud humor, music, students involved in stage and more?  Plus, I’m the only magician in the Northwest to ever be voted through by the judges on America’s Got Talent (check out my appearance in the video below).

For educational assemblies, I have 3 different reading assembly shows, a science assembly show, and an anti-bullying assembly that never mentions or uses the words “bully” or “bullying” (that’s magic!).  See more info about the shows below.

Or, are you looking for a show to help with your fundraising efforts?  I have a great show to help with fundraising, or just for fun!  My “Family Fun Magic Show” is great for evening shows, and I’ll give you some easy tips to help turn the show into a fundraiser.


“Wacky Science!” teaches about the different types of science as well as the scientific method, and brings them to life.  It seems like a magic show when Dr. Science (Xakary) does some experiments, but then he explains the science behind what looks like magic.

“Books! The Magic is Real” Throughout the show, Xakary has “teasers” that encourage the kids to want to read the books that he is discussing and bringing to life on stage, as well as books in general.  Designed to spark a passion for reading that lasts the whole year long!  Some of the books in the program include “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, “The Cat in the Hat”, “Harry Potter”, “Holes”, and “Snowflake Bentley”.

“Books the Magic is Real 2.0, A Tale of Two Halves!” The newest edition of “Books! The Magic is Real!” Books in the program include “Charlotte’s Web”, “Crankenstein”, “Flat Stanley”, “Princess and the Frog” and the “Magic Treehouse” series.  Plus, the show has a hilarious routine about punctuation that the kids will not forget.  This show features the illusion Xakary performed on America’s Got Talent–he will saw a teacher in half!

“A Cat and a Hat and an Elephant, Too!” is Xakary’s magical tribute to Dr. Seuss and his contribution to reading and imagination.  Books in the program include “Horton Hatches the Egg”, “Bartholomew and the Oobleck”, “Green Eggs and Ham”, and “The Cat in the Hat”.

“Magic Words” is an interactive anti-bullying magic show that never mentions or uses the word bully or bullying. Instead, we focus on the power of words and that by using positive words, specifically what we call MAGIC POWER WORDS, it helps kids focus on kindness, and realize that the words we use are POWERFUL.

Throughout the performance the kids visually see and experience the magic and come to realize that they have the magic power inside of them to make a difference in people. The 8 Magic POWER words we focus on are Hello, Please, Thank You, I’m Sorry, I Forgive You, I Understand, Great Job and I Can.

Here’s what a teacher and a principal had to say about Xakary’s elementary school assembly, “Books! The Magic is Real!”  In addition to loving the show, the principal loved what happened after the show when Xakary magically got the kids to go back to their classrooms quietly!

And here’s what another teacher had to say.  She came back to the gym after her class was dismissed to find me to let me know what she (and they) thought about “Books! The Magic is Real!”



Xakary was interviewed for Expert TV about his school shows!

From Elisabeth W, PTA President: “I thought Xakary was very entertaining and inclusive to even our special need students.  All students (k-5th grade) loved him and it was educational, too!”

From PTA mom Tracy T. for a fifth grade graduation:  “We had a group of 130 fifth graders — a tough audience.  They loved him! We would definitely recommend Xakary!”

For more details about my assembly shows, including a price quote,

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